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Rich Girl, Poor Girl - A heartbreaking saga of ...
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Two incredible young women are drawn together by their dreams . . . and broken apart by love and war. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Rita Bradshaw and Kitty Neale. When youre chasing a dream, does it matter where you come from? Upper-class Lucy Graham is expected simply to marry well. Poverty-stricken Rosie Nesbitt struggles just to get by. Both girls share the unlikely dream to become a doctor, and each will do anything to succeed. When their paths cross at a party filled with eligible bachelors it soon becomes clear that their chosen career isnt the only desire they share. With societys conventions stacked against them and war raging on the continent, Lucy and Rosie must draw their own battle lines in their fight for love, life and happiness. But can they both succeed? First in Eileen Ramsays Flowers of Scotland series. What everyones saying about Eileen Ramsay: This wonderful panoramic novel sweeps you up and carries you along to the end. Lovely! Katie Fforde An unpredictable ending, a few surprises along the way and several tear jerkers - I enjoyed every minute of it. Historical Novel Review Captivating romance . . .The beautiful Scottish setting only adds to this poignant and poetic journey . . . This book is as unique as it is exquisite . Daily Record Cant wait to read the next in Eileen Ramsays Flowers of Scotland series? The Farm Girls Dream will be out in June! Search 9781785762307 to pre-order. Eileen Ramsay was grew up in Dumfriesshire. After graduation she went to Washington DC, where she taught in private schools for some years, before moving to California with her Scottish husband. There, she raised two sons, finished her Masters Degree, fell in love with Mexico, and published her first short stories and a Regency novel. The family returned to Scotland where Eileen continued to teach and write and to serve - at different times - on the committees of The Society of Authors in Scotland, The Scottish Association of Writers and The Romantic Novelists Association. In 2004, her novel SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year award. Eileen is currently Chair of the Romantic Novelists Association.

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